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Note although my Dalwood Hanns are those covered on this site, I have built up quite a knowledge of other Hann branches over the past 20-odd years so may be able to help your research contact me

Background to the Wessex Hanns

Contact details

Dalwood Hanns - my ancestors and some pictures

                                  known descendants of John Hann (born Dalwood ca1667, died Stoke Abbott 1730) and other Beaminster/Bridport area 

                                  sub-branches (routes via guidance notes - previous visitors can use this link instead if they wish)

The family tree section under 'known descendants of John Hann' (above) also includes many other Stoke Abbott and Beaminster families who are either related by marriage to the Hann family or to families related to the Hann family - reflecting the inter-relationships of the different village families

Links  - useful research sites for the South West (Wessex)

Names - which first names are found mainly in which branch

Origins - where might the Hanns have come from?

Parish Records:

Dalwood and surrounding parishes - Hanns amongst the parish registers

Stoke Abbott - Hanns amongst the parish registers

                          Hanns in the 1841 Cansus and 1842 Tithe Apportionment

                          Complete 1861 and 1891 censuses (links to Dorset OPC site)

                           Miscellaneous records including links to sites featuring photographs of the village

1911 Census - link 1911 Hanns to the different branches

US Hanns - English Hanns who are known to have gone to the United States

Where the Somerset and Dorset Hanns went - how the Hanns migrated from their original areas to other parts of the UK and world wide (part currently under construction)

Virtual Tours - Dalwood (under construction)


                            Stoke Abbott (under construction)

Other bits and pieces

Beaminster War Memorial - information and photographs

Jack Hann's War Diary - surviving extracts including rations, food parcels and copies of 'The Camp' newspaper

Gran Hann's Catchlove links

- four of the newspaper produced for Allied prisoners of war (editions 211, 239, 240 and 241)


Researching in Dorset?

Check out the Dorset Online Parish Clerks site

For Stoke Abbott bits and bobs in addition to those on the OPC site click here




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